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As one of the first Systems Engineering firms providing Research and Development for mechanical engineering systems, SERF offers a 46 year of history of success in technology which may be summarized in some of our “First of a kind development projects”. Our basis for the design and analysis of equipment with regards to safety is may be summarized: Is the product’s design and/or it’s use a safety issue and is it Observable? Is the defective product failure or it’s unsafe use: Predictable? Is the product’s defective failure or it’s unsafe use: Preventable? Then corrective actions must be taken to make the product safe and its use in a proper and safe format. SERF Engineers provide a unique service to our customers for Mechanical Engineering analysis to determine the cause of failures for all types of mechanical products used in the Manufacturing, Chemical and Petroleum Plants, Automotive, Machinery, Marine and Building Construction industries. SERF analysis are performed using proven technology based upon our experience, code standards, and include scientific and analytical analysis. Our experienced engineers allow us to look at a product that has failed and know where and how loads are applied to focus upon the failure and the modes of failure of the product. These types of failures most often lead to the following areas of discovery: Manufacturing and Design of Equipment High Stresses Low Fatigue life Extreme temperature Unqualified designers and welders Quality problems in material selections Manufacturing errors in welding design Operational Abuse Misuse from overloading or process conditions Capacity Increases without design change Maintenance Deficiencies Lack of Inspection and NDT and necessary repairs Poor maintenance during operation Inattentive operation Life Analysis Evaluation The equipment has a % of useful life The equipment requires Repair Services The equipment has lived it useful life Too often failure of a product results in injuries to workers and damage to equipment. For this reason, we focus on the risk of failure to maintain safety as a prime objective. Our platform of service includes engineering, manufacturing and construction which carries a responsibility for safety throughout a product’s design, installation and operation.
Our unique Engineering services are spread over manufacturing and construction disciplines to assure our customers no harm to personnel or damage to their equipment will occur.

We have an experienced Safety Professional managing our safety program to assure our customers their work

is being completed safely to reduce risk in their workplace. Our safety services include:

Safety Studies and Analysis of Systems Product Design Defects Forensic Failure Analysis OSHA, ANSI Standards Safety Lines & Barriers Stairs Ladders Platforms Crane Lift Plans
Safety Studies and Analysis of Equipment
Engineering Safety R&D