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For more than 46 years SERF has provided engineering services and manufacturing of Mechanical Equipment and Skid Systems to industries and the Federal government services. SERF has on staff professional engineers and designers and we hold the following licenses and registrations, and authorization from standard codes and governing authorities:


SERF, Inc. has more than 46 years of experience providing engineering and manufacturing of Process equipment such as pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, alloy piping systems, complete skids for installation. In addition we have engineered and manufactured all types of conveying equipment for bulk products, silos and hopper feeders, and weigh stations. We have also provided extreme lifting and handling equipment for products in excess of 1.1 million lbs. Our many years of experience provides a basis for our Forensic Engineering of mechanical products to perform life studies and failure analysis. We have the experience to determine: How the product failed, the design standards that apply, the manufacturing standards required for its production, the inspection standards and the testing required to assure a quality product.

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SERF provides a complete staff of skilled craftsmen certified to manufacture products to these worldwide codes and standards. The following lists represent the many mechanical equipment, components and installations provided over our 42 years of service:
Authorized for the Manufacture of: ASME “U” and “S” stamped pressure vessels and Pipe Authorized for the Repair of Pressure Vessels Natl. Bd. “R” stamp
Professional Engineering and Contractor Registered Florida, Alabama, Mississippi Registered General Contractor Registered Mechanical Contractor Contractor License: FL, AL, MS, SC, OR, TN
Company Qualifications and Equipment Experience List
· Computerized Conveyor System for Containers handling Fiber in Large Textile Plant Activated Carbon Handling System for Water Filtration Plant Automatic Bulk Bag Loading and Weighing Station Pneumatic convey System that Weighs, Feeds, and Inventories for Selected Silo Systems Large Robotic Positioning system for welding of Heavy Components for Missile launcher Large Screw Conveyor for Explosive Powders Vacuum Pneumatic Loaders for Material Conveying Overhead Tote Bin Loading Station and Conveying Drag Conveyor for Coal and Ash Handling System 1.1 million LB. (3) Crane Lift Fixture 35,000 Gallon (2) Wastewater Clarifiers Activated Bin Bottom for Vertical Silo Heat Exchanger Puller System Unloader Overhead 15,000 lb Hoist system Gas Turbine Wheel’s Transport Container, 6000 gal Gas Turbine Wheel’s Transport Container, 5000 gal Lime Kiln Burner Rebuild 310 ss Trough Belt Conveyor System for Waste Vibrating Screening System for Separation Screw Conveyor for Plastic Products Large Heavy Transport Rail system for Heat Exchanger Distillation Column 100 ft engineered Lift Plan, Multi-Crane (400 & 150 Ton) Lift Coal Fly AshConveyor Milti-Crane Engineered, Lift Plan over canal (400 & 200 Ton) Critical Engineered Lift Plan for 340 ft, Reach for 600 Ton Crane
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· Air Expander Turbine Vane control system Two Jacketed 316 SS 6000 gallon Reactor with agitators Raioactive Waste Concentration Systems Waste Recovery Systems for Plating and Textiles High Temperature for Seawater Conversion Fuel In-flight Simulator for the F-15 Eagle Brine Freeze System for Saltwater Conversion Molten Salt Bath Heating System Agitation Cleaning Systems for Aircraft Parts Computer Controlled Pumping Systems Citric Acid Hot Wash System for Ship Cleaning Containerized Vacuum and Pressure Tank Systems Power Boiler Venturi Scrubber Systems Controls Jet Blast System for Scrubber Deposits Removal Environmental Control Chamber for Critical Machining Fuel Haulers for Space Shuttle Support Vehicles High Temperature 316 ss Gas Expander Housing Compressor Housing Repair 52,000 lbs Titanium Header piping for Nitric Acid Storage 24” Bleach Line Titanium manufacture and Install Gas Turbine Heat Exchanger Repair Manufacture Large Jacketed Flange for Heater Shell Decant Tank Repair and Modification 304 ss Distillation Column 16” 304 ss Piping Centrifuge Titanium Header System Inconel 600 26” Gas Vent Line Internal Demisting Section Installation 304 ss Manway Installation for Reactor and N2 Blanket Vapor Control
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·



Authorization by ASME for “U” & “S” and Natl. Bd. “R”
· Inconel 800 Super Heater Bundle Gas Turbine heat exchanger repair and service Inconel 800 tubes Duplex stainless steel 152,000 lb evaporator field fabricated erected on site Inconel 600 Off Gas Duct assembly prefabricated and installed on site Manufacture a Thermal Screw Flight Conveyor 30 ft long and 10,000 lb and installed on site Conversion of LTV Evaporator to a plate type Lamella heat exchanger surface for evaporator Redesign of an LTV Re-Boiler for higher temperature service High Temperature and Pressure for Power Boiler stress analysis and “S” stamp Titanium 24” bleach water line fabrication and installation 16 TON Jacketed Lead Lined Reactors for R-2 Chlorine Hyperbaric Tanks for Man-rated Diving Chambers Rotary Multi-Tube Digesters Converting Wood Chips Nuclear Waste Resin Separation Pressure Vessels for Primary Loop Water in Submarine Service Titanium Absorber for Chlorine Dioxide Service Refrigerated Reactor for Process Development High Temperature-Altitude Simulator for Fuels R&D Stainless Steel Jacketed Reactors Titanium and Stainless Steel Columns Titanium Piping Systems Repair and Replacement of Nozzles and Heads Inconel 800 Super Heater for Boiler Power Plant Piping ASME “S” stamp Rubber Lined 8000 gal Dxi Water Softening Pressure Vessels Vertical Product Liquor Flash Tank 316 SS LTV Heater/Condenser Recovery Retube
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·