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Since 1972 SERF has provided a unique service to our customers for Mechanical Forensic Engineering analysis to determine the cause of failures for all types of mechanical products used in the Manufacturing, Chemical and Petroleum Plants, Automotive, Machinery, Marine and Building Construction industries. SERF analysis are performed using proven technology based upon our experience, code standards, and include scientific and analytical analysis. The ability as experienced engineers allows us to look at a product that has failed and know where and how loads are applied to focus upon the failure and the modes of failure of the product. These type of failures most often lead to the following areas of discovery: Manufacturing and Design High Stresses Low fatigue life Extreme temperature Unqualified designers and welders Quality problems in material selections Manufacturing errors in welding design Operational Abuse Misuse from overload Capacity Increases without design change Maintenance Deficiencies Lack of Inspection and NDT Poor maintenance during operation Inattentive operation Life Analysis Evaluation The equipment has lived it useful life
SERF offers our engineering staff for inspection services for a host of mechanical systems and components primarily for the performance of the following scope of work:
Follow-up repair services required Cost evaluation of necessary repairs Life analysis and prediction ASME Code compliance Forensic Failure analysis
Engineering Failure Analysis Engineering Failure Analysis Engineering Failure Analysis Engineering Failure Analysis Inspections Services Inspections Services Inspections Services Inspections Services
Points of Inspection for Analysis and Repair Procedures SERF engineers have the training and experience to inspect a product that has failed and apply known engineering principals to: These five steps allows us to make the best repair for our customers’ requirements.
Determine how the product failed Apply design standards to analyze the product Investigate the manufacturing procedures utilized in production Review the products quality control and service history Determine the testing standards required to assure a successful repair
Deficient design in motor trans-axial frame Spring loading design for large dump truck Thermo-Flight Screw failure Stub Shaft Overload failure Trailer Hitch Failure Crane Hook Roller failure Fiberglass tank failure
Failure Analysis Studies Provided (typical) to our Clients SERF engineers have provided this unique service for many of the following mechanical applications some of which have been challenged in the legal arena. Spot Welding in Automotive frame Heat affected zone of welds Weld joint deletion Weld and cracking problems Fatigue failure and cracking Dynamic loading and failure Thrust loading for pipe hangers
Engineering, Inspection and Analysis
Since 1974 SERF has been an EPC Skid manufacturer for mechanical systems used in the process and material handling equipment for major industries and our military services. We also assist A/E firms in their EPC plant services. After 1984 we transformed this service to include in plant construction for major industrial sites in the US and Canada nations. We provide the specialized engineering and design drawings complete with component selection and acquisition service. Our shop production craftsmen fabricate and assemble the skid systems for our customers’ specifications and to ASME, TEMA, API and other standards of manufacture for their industry. We also test the completed components and systems as required prior to shipment to the job site.
Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC)