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In 1972 SERF was founded by Dr. Jack W. Sparks PhD, P.E., Bill Williamson and Sparks Specialty Company as partners in an R & D company to provide systems for the military’s need for fresh water, water recovery in plant processes and mechanical equipment for industries. In 1975 the company was acquired by Jack and Cheri Sparks and Sparks Specialty and later fully owned by Jack and Cheri Sparks.

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During the 70’s The 70’s was a period of the initiation of environmental concern for health in our nation and the clean water and air act which lead to the need for systems to perform clean up and recycle methods to protect the environment. This lead to R & D contracts in an unprecedented scale. SERF was a part of this effort in sea water conversion, liquid waste recovery, high technology testing systems, dust collection systems and incineration systems. During the 80’s This was a period of growth in U. S. industries along with an increased military buildup of systems and equipment to support space, combat and laboratories and included the following systems: Paper and Pulp Industry Chemical and Petroleum Manufacturing of plastics, bulk products Military support systems and equipment To answer the requirements of these industries SERF began applying technologies developed through many of our governmental research programs. SERF also became an ASME “U” and “S” stamp holder and also a National Boiler and Pressure Vessel “R” stamp holder to best serve our clients. During the 90’s With the 90’s came the energy crisis requiring methods to reduce consumption of fuels and recover lost product in the manufacturing processes. There was a natural fit in SERF’s skills in applying our engineering technologies to the industrial demands and our country’s military equipment requirements. During the 21st century As the 21st century approached the struggle for our nation to compete in the world market efficiency and debottlenecking of manufacturing processes became the theme for our industry. Companies reduced plant personnel and became more depended on automation and contracting with construction service companies. This became a natural transition for our experience in the various industrial fields. During 2010’ through today Many of the industrial plants in our country are more than 30 years old. For this reason many of the plant components and equipment require unique repair and/or replacement to keep pace with production demands and reduce down time. SERF is successfully providing our unique services for many of our customers with mutual benefit. We look forward to saving our customers costs for repairs and reduce costly down time of production equipment. Analytical Engineering Services AES SERF has added AES services to our capability to include ASME Compress Pressure Vessel, Reactors and Heat exchangers Designs for Reactors, Process Tanks, Heat Exchanger envelopes and Boiler designs. FEA Finite Element Analysis for all types of machinery and equipment for Loadings of Structures, Pressure and Temperature designs of equipment. EngTools For all types of engineering calculations for design and analysis for pressure applications, force loadings, fluid flow and thermal heat transfer.
A brief History of SERF Systems and Services